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Helping You With Fleet Management in Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Fleet owners, operators, and many other clients in Calgary rely on Amun Mechanical Inc. to provide fleet management service that keeps them running all year long. Our expert mechanics perform preventative maintenance and repair services for all types of on-highway trucks, truck engines and trailers as well as medium and light vehicles. Our comprehensive service menu includes air conditioning and quick-lube service, drivetrain and engine overhaul services, among others. We also do preventative maintenance for fleet and differentials, provide fuel management reports and oil analysis.

“Minimize your fleet downtime with Amũn Mechanical.”

“Mobile service for maintenance and repair.”
“Let us worry about it.”

Amun Mechanical Inc.’s Four Levels of Preventive Maintenance

Here at Amun Mechanical Inc., we are proud of our ability to diagnose, service, and maintain a wide variety of heavy, medium, and light vehicles of all makes and models. As each type of vehicle has different needs and potential service considerations, we offer four levels of preventive maintenance to make sure we’re keeping your fleet in top condition, and fully prepared for whatever your next job will throw at it. Our four levels include:

 PM1: If this PM level is appropriate for your fleet, we will change the engine oil and oil filter, take an engine oil sample for testing, fully lubricate the machine, change the primary air filter, change the fuel filter, drain the water separator and perform an overall visual and operational inspection. 

 PM2: This PM level includes everything you get with PM1, plus a replacement secondary air filter, coolant filter and hydraulic and transmission filters, if applicable to your make/model. 

 PM3: If your fleet is eligible for maintenance at the PM3 level, you’ll receive everything included in the first two tiers, plus we’ll take a coolant sample for testing and change your power steering filter, if applicable to your make/model. 

 PM4: This fleet preventive maintenance level includes everything in the PM1, 2 and 3 tiers. In addition, we’ll change out your differential and transmission oil.

How We Can Help

All vehicles within a fleet must be maintained regularly to lower downtime and repairs cost. Completing scheduled maintenance of fleets promptly is an essential element of fleet management. Take the guesswork out of keeping your fleet running smoothly with a preventative maintenance plan from Amun Mechanical Inc. Here’s why you should choose us for your fleet management:


  • We offer a turn-key system that aims to enable fleet owners, not only to track but also to control their fleet’s key performance indicators.

  • We use the latest technology to accommodate today's fleet managers’ needs for controlling the fleet indicators' limits, as well as staying up-to-date key information.

  • Our technology makes it easier for fleet managers to fully control each fleet unit's limits. Key data is aggregated and passed to fleet managers aiming to achieve optimal fleet utilization rates.

  • With the current key indicators’ data of the fleet assets, fleet managers are giving their companies the chance to identify potential gaps and take proactive measures to easily manage and glide over future risk.

We offer fleet discounts on regular maintenance that saves you money on truck and trailer repairs. Not only will you get a discount on service, but regular maintenance will also help in identifying potentially costly problems before they get worse. Talk to one of our representatives about the plans available.

Effortless Fleet Management

We’ll help you establish an optimal fleet utilization rate with virtually no effort by fleet managers.

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